Sunday, October 9, 2011


I need to chose to do things more despite not having the feeling to go along with it.  I think I wait to much for the feeling to come before acting upon it. The feeling is supposed to be a confirmation that im supposed to do it, and its the right time and when its not there I think ahh well. Prob wont be beneficial and productive if im not "feelin it". Ill do it when I really have that feeling where I actually want to do it. So ill be happy when im doing it! Then it will be worthwhile! (My way of thinking)


Cool and collected- Because that way of thinking then determines how Im living...
And that way of living.. isn't really living. Because its living for yourself. And that only leads to emptiness.

Faith First Feelings Second.

Please continue to

Loose the fire


  1. always a privilege to know what you're learning. miss you A LOT broseph

  2. Taken from:
    "Your life changes when donated to me, then I will fill your spirit with my spirit, and guide your mind to the understanding of the true good. Then your prayers become powerful, your efforts alongside the power of god, speeding your transformation. And without even realizing it, day after day you will see the transformation of your thinking, your actions will know what I did not understand until yesterday, you will gradually die your fears and your worries, you will feel stronger, more alive, men new. That's because my love is in you to act, to relieve you, console you, gently recover, get back on track. I love you and want you to be happy and joined me. "
    God Bless you
    Taken from:
    "Dear children, I know your hearts and your sorrows. I know the desires, obstacles, your deep questions. Nothing is hidden from me, before my eyes flow good and evil that are part of your life. You know, one by one, because I am that I gave you life. I AM THE LIFE. You will not find life outside of me, I hope, much less love.You try so many things instead of looking for this I do not find peace, because I rarely find me. I told you that he who seeks finds (Lk 11, 9-13). But what you should look for? Not the solution to your problems, your anxieties and disease. What you need to look for is my life in you. Giving you life, I have given myself and my spirit, I have revealed the face of my Father and yours. I have placed in each of you the spark of divine life, which is the seed of your existence. In it there is everything you need to face life. I have donated to FORCE INTELLIGENCE and LOVE to meet you on your way. With my sacrifice I removed the shame from your face, because you have sinned against my father. With my blood I have washed your ugliness to make you stand before the throne of God and redeemed as new creatures. I have covered the most precious garments. I've created the most beautiful things for you, because your heart gioisse watching the wonders of creation. Despite this, few of you are happy and many, too many do not know what to make of me and of my life; They choose the enemy, Satan, who seduces them with cunning and hatred, to deprive them of all dignity. There are many ways to surrender to the enemy, the most insidious is that you want to satisfy themselves, convinced that this is a good thing, by the mere fact that so we all do, and that the world thinks so. The success, power, career, money, material goods, a beautiful home, holidays, and more, all this is on top of your thoughts. While to get it, you are able to cheat, steal, kill, and kill in many ways, even with a glance or a word. And while you try all these things, you forget to live. Because the life that you dream is not life, is a substitute for life. Real life is not outside of you, but it is inside of you. "
    God Bless you

  3. Taken from:
    "My dear children, I told you that you are the living temple of God We then one step further. I would like to help you understand that each of you, if you love me and follow me, is part of God's people Who are these people? For all those who worship the Father, who recognize me as a child of God and Redeemer, and welcome the Holy Spirit. The people of God are a great people. It covers a lot of reality and not just limited to the Earth. The first part of it, and your Mother Mary, who is the joy of my heart and crown of my people.Includes angels, your brothers of paradise and purgatory. It also includes other brothers, men like you created in the image and likeness of God, who live on other planets in the universe, and faithfully serving their creator, they do not know yet but one day you will see them. Even for them have given my life, in becoming incarnate, dying and resurrected on the ground once and for all, in order to redeem all humanity, the universe. Do not be shocked by these words of mine! Know that my Father knows no limits in creating, and his life fills the whole world. "'ll talk about this reality again, because it is very important
    I for your life.